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Accounts Payable/ Cash Disbursements
  • Computerized posting and payment of accounts payable
  • Bank reconciliation of checking account

    Accounts Receivable
  • Originate invoices for you to send to your customers
  • Monthly customer statements
  • Collection calls to your customers on your behalf
  • Posting of monthly totals from your receipts records

         Payroll Services

  • Computing payroll
  • Printing payroll checks
  • Computing tax deposits
  • Quarterly payroll reports
  • Year-end W-2'S, 1099, etc.
  • After-the-fact payroll handling
  • Maintain employee earning records

       Financial Statements

  • Balance Sheets
  • Income Statements
  • Statements of Cash Flow

General Ledger/ Journal Entries

          Other Services
  • Business Incorporating (click for request form)
  • Send your financial statements to tax preparer
  • Sales tax reporting
  • General ledger/ financial statement review of your work
  • Produce sale cycles and comparison graphs 
  • Assist clients in setting up accounting on their office computer
  • Review client-generated books
  • QuickBooks training and setup




  • Corporate Taxes 1120, 1120S
  • Sole Proprietor (Schedule C) 
  • Personal Tax All forms
  • Limited Liability Company Tax Return